VidMate for Android

Vidmate is an easy to use Android app which would provide you with the easiest and fastest method of downloading media files from all over the internet. Vidmate for Android is a free application which gives you many functionalities through an easy to use interface.

Vidmate APK

Vidmate APK

Vidmate: The Android downloading app for all your online needs

For all the downloading needs, Vidmate is the one stop solution where people from across the world can download movies, music files, memes and apps related to various topics. Therefore Vidmate provides a one stop solution for people looking to download files on the internet.
Vidmate was primarily developed for the Android users and can be used on Samsung, Sony and other devices which support the given operating system. Vidmate for Samsung and Vidmate for Sony are extremely slick to use. Since its inception, Vidmate works best on Android with the screen resolution and all other functionalities fitting seamlessly for the users of the device.

Vidmate application after download

Vidmate application after download

Users can download media files from popular websites like YouTube, Google, Facebook and MetaCafe. With 44 different channels available on the application, Vidmate remains the best app which provides optimum content for all the users across the world. Also, Vidmate comes free of cost, thereby providing users with a functional app which comes with no costs.
The app also provides various different categories of media files like music, movies (videos), applications, meme and so on. It also has the added functionality of providing best featured videos from across the world. Users are also given the option of customizing feeds which they view on the application.

Vidmate provides multiple media types for download

Vidmate provides multiple media types for download

Vidmate for Android

How to install Vidmate for Android devices

Installing Vidmate on Android is easy. Vidmate works very easily on Android devices. Users are required to perform few basic steps in order to get started with the process. Users need to follow the following steps in order to install Vidmate on their Android devices:
Step 1: Download the .apk file from this website. Use the Vidmate download for Android link to get started with the application. The .apk file of Vidmate needs to be downloaded and opened on the Android devices. Please be sure to download the .apk file from trusted sources only. The application file must not be downloaded from fake sources as it may pose a security threat. Please download the .apk file from this website or the official website only.
Step 2: Once the user downloads the .apk file, they need to run the application file and allow installation of the application. The user may be asked to allow installation from unknown sources. This needs to be validated in order to proceed.

VidMate app

VidMate app

Step 3: Once the application is fully installed, please run the application. The application when launched and opened would itself guide the user about the user interface and the functionality of the application. It is very easy to stream and download the videos from the Vidmate app, once the app is downloaded and launched.

Important Features of Vidmate on Android

Vidmate provides some very useful features for the Android users around the world. The users get the access of 44 different channels and can download files in many different formats. Users can download music, videos and images along with applications. Vidmate download for Android is thus very functional and easy for the user.
Moreover Vidmate helps users choose their own download directory and the application presents best possible download speed for its users. Users from across the world get to download files of varying quality at an unparalleled speed.

Vidmate application: Meme feature

Vidmate application: Meme feature


How to start using Vidmate on Android?

It is very easy to start using Vidmate application on an Android device. Users can very easily download the .apk file of Vidmate from this website. Once downloaded, the application can be installed and launched.
The user interface of Vidmate makes it very easy to access the application and the application itself provides features which are unparalleled. For the detailed downloading instructions, please do refer to the above sections where a stepwise process for Vidmate installation on Android devices has been mentioned.

Will I be charged to use Vidmate on Android?

Vidmate is a free application which provides users with multiple downloading functionalities. The makers of Vidmate do not intend to charge the users a dime in return for the application. Therefore there are no charges associated with using of Vidmate. The application comes free of cost.

Is Android the best platform for using Vidmate?

Vidmate was primarily made for Android platform, therefore, Vidmate is also the easiest to use on Android. The users would find the app very easy to use and Android helps the app run fast as well. Android is therefore one of the recommended platforms for this application.

What files can I download through Vidmate on Android?

Through Vidmate, many file types can be downloaded and streamed. Full movies, new & old music as well as trending images can be downloaded and viewed. Also, Vidmate provides users with application download functionality where users can download cool applications which they may not have known about earlier.


Vidmate is a great application which provides users with a seamless downloading option. It is very easy to download and use this application and the download link can be found on this website only. On Vidmate, there are more than 40 channels and a content variety which will leave you spellbound.
Therefore, if you are looking for an application which provides you with downloading options, then Vidmate is the application you are looking for. Get you Android devices ready, download the Vidmate apk and start using Vidmate now to get the best downloading experience possible.

VidMate for Android
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