Vidmate 2016

Vidmate is one of the best media downloading applications which can help users download media files from across the web. This Vidmate app has been around for a few years now and has improved massively over the years. This website provides a link to download the Vidmate new version and Vidmate old versions. Vidmate 2016 is also available for download through links mentioned in this website.

Vidmate 2016

Vidmate 2016 old version

Some of the Vidmate’s features include:

  1. Variety of media files: File types like live TV shows, videos, movies and memes can be downloaded from various popular websites. Websites like Facebook and YouTube can be used for download.
  2. Fast download speed: Vidmate brings the capability for top speed download which comes along with space optimization.
  3. Compatibility with a variety of platforms: Platforms  like iOS, android, blackberry and windows- all support Vidmate.

The features for Vidmate has changed over the years along with the compatibility that the app has with the evolving operating systems. Thus, users may prefer using a certain Vidmate old version apps based on their mobile compatibility.

Therefore in this article users can find the download link for the various Vidmate apk versions over the years.

Vidmate comes up with more than 22 versions every year, averaging around 2 new versions every month. In 2016, Vidmate started off with the version Vidmate 2.19 (updated on 21-01-2016) and the latest Vidmate 2016 version is Vidmate 2.61 (22-12-2016). Vidmate’s app developers aim to provide top quality latest content to its users and this is made possible through the various app updates.

Users can download the various versions of Vidmate app from this website. With so many versions coming out, it can be tough to track and download all Vidmate versions. This website provides a solution by providing links for all Vidmate 2016 downloads.

Vidmate application cannot be found on the play store and therefore the download links may be tough to obtain. This is especially true for the older versions which are tougher to come across. Users can find the download links here.

List of Vidmate versions 2016

Name Updated Link Download
Vidmate 2.19 2016-01-21 Click download
Vidmate 2.22 2016-02-02 Click download
Vidmate 2.23 2016-02-22 Click download
Vidmate 2.24 2016-03-09 Click download
Vidmate 2.25 2016-03-18 Click download
Vidmate 2.26 2016-03-30 Click download
Vidmate 2.27 2016-03-31 Click download
Vidmate 2.28 2016-04-12 Click download
Vidmate 2.31 2016-04-29 Click download
Vidmate 2.33 2016-05-11 Click download
Vidmate 2.37 2016-06-06 Click download
Vidmate 2.38 2016-06-13 Click download
Vidmate 2.39 2016-06-23 Click download
Vidmate 2.42 2017-03-02 Click download
Vidmate 2.43 2016-07-28 Click download
Vidmate 2.46 2016-09-22 Click download
Vidmate 2.47 2016-08-25 Click download
Vidmate 2.52 2016-09-23 Click download
Vidmate 2.54 2016-10-19 Click download
Vidmate 2.56 2016-11-17 Click download
Vidmate 2.58 2016-11-22 Click download
Vidmate 2.61 2016-12-22 Click download

The process of obtaining Vidmate is very straightforward. Users only need to get the apk file from the links mentioned in the article. Once obtained, they can install the apk file (settings may need to be changed). After installing the application, users can run the app and start downloading media files from across the internet. The app is easy to use and can be run on multiple platforms.

Vidmate 2016
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