Title: Moon Princess from Play’n GO

This Play’N Go online slot machine has three anime-loving girls who are all Moon Princesses. You can learn how it works below. In The Moon Princess, players compete to match three or more corresponding symbols on a 5×5 grid. When these symbols vanish, the remaining icons fill the gaps, potentially increasing wins and multiplier values. No new symbols are added to the grid. The theme-related symbols include the three girls—Star, Storm, and Love—the heart, the bell, the blue star, and the gold/green disc. Three misses can also win matches. The wild symbol, the moon in a golden crescent, will replace all others to form winning groups.

Moon Princess Theme

From its three beautifully drawn princesses to its joyful soundtrack, this slot screams anime. It combines everything entertaining and colourful into a slot that will delight most gamblers. As in many anime, each princess has a special power. The females look the part and will provide you lots of features to help you win big.

The princesses don’t all look like Sailor Moon from the anime series. Moon Princess clearly took inspiration from the Japanese TV show, with similar clothing and magical powers. Many players would recognize this reference, especially those who like anime and manga.

Moon Princess’ appearance

First, Moon Princess is energetic. Bright symbols draw you in instead of dreary colors. Reels of 5 vertical or 5 horizontal signs create a 25-sign web. This grid and some screen options feature a golden frame, but it just enhances the colors inside.

The grid has mystic symbols including a heart, bell, golden rainbow, and star. Everyone is the right mix of vivid color and gold, so these are not as plain as they seem. The rainbow is green, the star is pink, the bell is silver and gold, and the heart is vivid blue. The gold represents things to be earned, while the bright colors maintain Moon Princess’ feminine appeal.

Different blue tones sparkle in the original sea-sky background. While playing, bubbles pop and rise. One of these three princesses stands on one side, changing her position, as light rays fall from above. When princesses exchange, context changes. It alternates between blue, a deep green with rainfall on a window, and a gorgeous purple with floating purple hearts. These colors represent one of three princesses: blue for Star, purple for Love, and green for Storm.

The Moon Princess symbol in the top right corner of the screen evokes girlie adventures. The context features a silver crescent moon with small gold stars. The front slot name is framed in bubble gum pink italic lettering. It has swirls and looks appealing, like the slot.

How to play Moon Princess

When used to playing casino mode spin to win slots, the Moon Princess may take some getting used to. The screen is busy, therefore it may take a while for your eyes and mind to adjust and understand. Players who prefer the new cascading grid mode slots will feel at home and start playing immediately.

The room’s many symbols may explain the lack of screen options. Only the single information may see the balance and betting amount, which the center screen cannot change. Instead, click the choices icon in the bottom right corner to see all slot info.

Gambling preferences may show at the bottom of the grid depending on the website and version. The gambling variances may appear in lovely pink boxes at the foot of the screen with a heart holding a minus and plus icon. The stake can be changed easily by clicking them. If this option doesn’t appear, click the info icon to view the wager options.

When winning symbols are adjacent, they vanish, allowing the symbols above to fall and increasing the odds of winning symbols queuing. Create a chain response to remove as many grid symbols as possible.


Moon Princess is a lovely slot. We enjoy games with different cascading reels; they can lead to big wins, so check it out! Playability-wise, the Moon Princess is a straightforward slot with high adjustability that will please big rollers. However, it can scare several already afraid. The ‘Drop Wins Mechanic’ increases multiplier wins by 20x, making base game winnings okay. We find Storm Princess free spins pays best, especially with the 20x multiplier. Play N’ Go’s greatest slots ever, players can earn 5,000x their investment on a single spin.






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