Vidmate is an application through which you can download various media files from across the internet. It is easy to use yet has features which are all functionally relevant and important.

VidMate Free download

VidMate Free download

Vidmate: Satisfying all your downloading needs

Vidmate is a one stop solution for all of your online downloading needs. The app is designed to integrate all forms of media and is meant to satisfy your downloading requirements.
Users can download from a variety of sources like YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion and 43 other channels. Users can also download a variety of media files like movies, music, videos, apps, memes and TV shows. Vidmate brings you the best files from across the internet at zero cost.

A Loaded Vidmate Application

A Loaded Vidmate Application

The available number of channels

The available number of channels

How to Install and Use Vidmate

Vidmate is easy to install and is available on multiple platforms for users worldwide. To get started, users need to download apk file of Vidmate. They should then install the apk file and successfully run it to customize and use the various settings.
Here we’ll look at the stepwise process of installing and using Vidmate:

Step 1: Download the Vidmate apk file. This Vidmate download can be done through the official Vidmate website or through this website. Users are requested to not use Vidmate download options from other websites as they may pose security threats and harm the device.
Step 2: Once installed, users need to run the application so as to install the Vidmate application. While running the application, the user may be asked to allow installation from unknown sources, which they can do through mobile settings.

VidMate app

Installed application

Step 3: Once the app is installed, users can open the app and start using it. The app has a very user friendly interface, where users can get started without facing any major issue.

How To Use different Vidmate Features

While there are many ways to download videos online, Vidmate stands out in terms of the content offered and the presentation of this content. The app provides a lot of media content to users from across the world. Users can download full movies, music, different useful apps, trending memes and fulfill their downloading needs.
Some of the major features of Vidmate which makes it such a unique application are listed below:

High Quality fast downloads:

Videos from different sources can be downloaded and enjoyed at a very fast speed while the quality of the content is also not lost in the process. Vidmate allows users to enjoy top content from around the world in absolutely no time.

Vidmate presents a unique download section

Vidmate presents a unique download section

User Friendly Interface:

The interface used by Vidmate is very easy to use and users can seamlessly navigate without any hassles or confusion. The app is also very customizable as the user can select the type of content which he or she wants to download. There are many filter options and the category of media content also comes in handy for the users.

Easy UI with search functionality

Easy UI with search functionality

Watch Live TV Channels:

Vidmate endeavors to be a one stop solution for all your entertainment needs. Whether it is for downloading the media files or for watching the best shows from around the world, Vidmate helps the viewer get the right content. Vidmate provides Live TV channels where users can enjoy the best live TV Channels from across the world.

Download Categories provided by Vidmate

Vidmate’s stand out feature is undoubtedly the download categories which the application provides its users. The app already has a sorted division of media files where the users can come and check the relevant content which interests them. This also makes navigation in the application easy for the users.
Users can go to their favorite section and check out the best videos in that section. Moreover they can add filters, so as to customize the section according to their own needs. Here we will take a look at all the categories which make this app so relevant and interesting.


This section provides the users with the most featured media files from across the internet. The selection shown in the app is based on prudent analysis from various users and the different media files which they have been using.

Various Vidmate Categories

Various Vidmate Categories


Vidmate provides users with a wide variety of movies to watch and download online. And these downloads come at no cost. Vidmate also provides various filters which will help you get the best possible movie from the wide variety which is available on Vidmate. Vidmate movie download tool is very effective and exhaustive, satisfying all your requirements at a single place.


Vidmate also has a wide variety of Music files (.mp3) available on its application. User can navigate and download the best music file, then listen to that music from the app itself while staying offline or online.

Separate Music Category from Vidmate

Separate Music Category from Vidmate

TV Show:

Vidmate provides users with the best possible experience of watching shows from around the world. Users can watch and download best shows from across the world. Users also have the exciting opportunity of watching Live TV shows. Vidmate practically has it all!

Separate TV Shows Category

Separate TV Shows Category


Vidmate presents the coolest bunch of memes from the internet. Users also get the opportunity to like and download the meme. They can also share the meme to any social media portal like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Through Vidmate, users can go and download many different apps. The apps have all got good feedback and the apps come with a good detailed description. Users can certainly enjoy a comfortable and useful platform for app downloads through Vidmate.

Separate Apps Category

Separate Apps Category

Vidmate for different Platforms

Vidmate is available on a number of platforms for users across the world. The app is available on major mobile platforms like Android and iOS while also being available for PC integration. The availability of Vidmate is extraordinarily high as the users can easily use the app from different devices.
Following are the major platforms which support Vidmate:


Vidmate works with Android where the user just needs to download the apk file and install it.


Vidmate works well with Blackberry which can also support the Android apps if the OS version is 10.2.1 or higher.

Windows Phone:

The app for windows phone is available on the Microsoft app store and is completely free of any costs.

PC integration:

Vidmate can also be used by PC users through the use of Bluestack. Bluestack allows users to download and install apk files. Therefore, bluestack can be used with the apk file of Vidmate to enjoy best downloading experience.


Vidmate is also available for iOS users. iOS users can download the Vidmate app from their handheld devices using the app store.


Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below. Vidmate is an easy to use app which comes free of cost. Therefore, users are advised to get a hands on experience of this app, which would solve most of the issues, if there are any which comes up.

How To start using Vidmate?

It is very easy to start using Vidmate app. Users can download apk file from this website and install the app through this file. Once installed, the app is very easy to navigate and use.

Will my device support the App?

Vidmate is present across most platforms. Platforms like iOS, Android, Windows all support Vidmate. Your blackberry, Samsung, iPhone or even your PC should be able to support Vidmate app.

How To increase the downloading speed?

Download speed can be different for different files. Users are advised to select the file quality and type according to the download speed desired.

Is the app on Google Play?

The app is not present on Google play as the app supports direct download from sites like YouTube. However users can get the .apk file and once they have it the app is very slick.

Do I have to pay to use Vidmate?

Vidmate is a 100% free of cost app. There is no need of paying even a single dime. Use Vidmate free download from this website and get going in no time.

Does Vidmate have different file types available for download?

Yes, Vidmate supports videos, audios, applications and images for download.

How easy is it to navigate, download and share videos on Vidmate?

It is very easy to navigate and download from Vidmate. It is really recommended for users to download and install Vidmate to learn more about it.


Vidmate is a great downloading application which is available across various platforms. Users can easily download and install the app and start downloading content as and when needed. With more than 45 sites to choose from and a variety of content type available, Vidmate is easily the best app present which would cater to all your downloading needs.

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